March 2015


To a play along with social media’s favorite hashtag #tbt, ATI has decided to look back at previous projects.

Today’s Throwback Thursday project is Adelante High School Emily™ Classrooms. Adelante High School started as little more than a single classroom housing 8 students and 1 instructor when it was established in 1965 at the Roseville City District’s Atlantic Street School. While working with the District, ATI developed a Master Plan that included partial modernization of the existing campus and portable replacements that were desperately needed. Emily™ was chosen as the best option to replace the portables and in the end six (6) classrooms and two (2) Administrative Offices/Classroom spaces were completed in 2007. This school received a 2008 Leroy F. Greene / A.I.A. Design Award of Merit. The photo shows a before and after comparison of the school.

The Emily™ classrooms designs have been built over a 1,000 times throughout the State of California.  Emily™ classrooms are permanent construction which makes these designs the best solution to aging portables.  We believe that Emily™ provides the learning environment that our students and teachers deserve.

Do you remember having classes in portable buildings?