March 2014

ATI Helps San Juan USD with the Winston Churchill Middle School Project and Defines 21st Century Learning Environment District Standards

Everyone is talking about 21st Century Learning Environment, but do they really understand what that entails and even more importantly, how to get there? That’s what the San Juan Unified School District faced when it came time to expand the Winston Churchill Middle School and that’s where we come in. Winning a design competition, ATI brought its expertise in creating 21st Century Learning environments and creative design for the development of a state-of-the-art school. Our job is helping guide SJUSD from a wish list and a vision, into reality…

The 21st Century Learning Environment is much more then adding additional outlets, enabling Wi-Fi throughout the campus, and integrating state-of-the-art interactive technology. At its core, the learning environment touches every aspect of a school – visionary leadership, flexible learning space, instructional development and everything else in between……all necessary in achieving the desired 21st Century learning environment.

Classrooms will feature bright, open, flexible spaces with partition walls, and flexible furniture to accommodate the latest thought on the best learning environments. Partition walls will provide enough separation and flexibility for teachers to co-teach, provide hands on group learning, and expand to larger lecture spaces, if desired. The furnishings and technology will allow configurations to support creative group based learning.

Said ATI Founder and Managing Principal Paul Didonato… “the process has been an exhilarating one and we consider it a privilege to have been selected by San Juan for its undertaking and we look forward to the ribbon cutting ceremony in 2015.”